Why Shipcontroller?

Boat builders manufacture large glazed boats for ease of maneuvering, engine manufacturers develop new drive systems with intelligent maneuverability, boat owners take extra staff for a safer cruise, those who own their boat run Flybridge in the rain and storm for a comfortable view. Eliminate the glass between you and the sea, obstacles between your propeller and your fingers, more crowded decks, cold and wet boats, and enjoy the deep blue seas thanks to Shipcontroller.

Now as a yacht owner, you can conveniently control your yacht from anywhere on your yacht with the Shipcontroller Wireless Remote Control System. You can control the motors, horn, bow and stern propellers and anchor perfectly with your fingertips, and you can safely control your boat with centimeters and dock it precisely without stress.

Shipcontroller allows each captain to berth his boat on his own without the need for anyone, as the captain can leave the rudder and have a closer look at the marina and other narrow spaces and fully control the boat’s movement. He sees how far he is from the pier or the land with his own eyes, he can easily throw the rope to the pier alone during the berthing, and he can easily handle the stern-to-land that can become a nightmare that causes difficult moments. Shipcontroller will therefore completely eliminate your stress during berthing. It will also prevent unfortunate accidents and pay for itself in a relatively short time. You estimate the cost of repairing a scratch or even worse. In addition to all these advantages, you will not need to hire a professional captain on your boat due to the ease of control it provides. You will be able to be alone with your family and loved ones on your boat and experience your special and pleasant moments.

Shipcontroller controls the aforementioned electronic equipment in the boat and gives the captain complete control feeling. For example, you may feel as if you are controlling the change in engine speed and the response time shown to your commands from the cockpit. The Shipcontroller Wireless Remote Control System’s throttle control capability is not limited to idling speed compared to its competitors in its class. It makes it possible for the engines and the side thrusters to reach higher speeds in proportion to the thrust applied via the control. This unique feature is a great software success. This way you will be able to maneuver safely and stress-free in windy and undulating waters. Similar systems can not provide proportional speed control, just on / off and and limited to idle speed.