Dolphin1 Remote Controlled Lifeguard

The Dolphin1 Lifeboat is an easy-to-use, remote-controlled, life-saving device that can be used for rescue in the water environment. Powered by two water jet propellers, this lifeboat has a speed of 4 m / s without danger and can reach drowning people very quickly in all weather conditions.

The Dolphin I remote lifeboat is bright orange in color and has two high-penetrating flashing fog lights mounted, which ensures high visibility over long distances and harsh conditions. The propellers are wrapped with a metal sheath to protect the user against injury and to prevent the installation of plants and other substances that may be present in the water. This remote-controlled life-saving boat is able to carry two people at the same time.

Dolphin 1 is truly autonomous so it is a completely remote-controlled life-saving boat. The lifeguard does not have to jump into the water and the device reaches the drowning person in a shorter time than a good swimmer and is able to carry two people. The operator stays on the beach or on the boat and directs the device using a special remote control. People who are caught in a life-saving boat are moved to a safe place and their lives are saved.