ONEUP Portable Life Preserver to Reduce Drowning Risk.

Researches have shown that a significant portion of the deaths occurring worldwide is due to drowning. This number is recorded as 50 deaths per hour.

Oneup team developed this project in order to cope with this important problem and stop these troublesome events. Each member of the team is aware that they are developing an important product for humanity and they are signaling that they will develop similar life-centered products.

Oneup is a portable technology that automatically opens when it comes into contact with water and quickly turns into a life preserver. With a length of 18cm and a weight of 150g, it is small enough to be carried anywhere and has the perfect form to be thrown at the farthest person in need. It is designed in perfect size/weight ratio to make accurate throws being drifted by strong winds or currents.

It does not take up space on your boat and can be easily placed anywhere. It fits easily in backpacks, glove boxes or beach bags, so it is an additional safety element for your children and elderly parents.

The Oneup Portable Life Preserver is not a disposable type of technology but is manufactured with an innovative vision that can be reused. Replacing the Oneup’s CO2 cartridge after each use is as easy as replacing the ink tube of your pen.